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Surfing Down Under: Our Top Australian Beaches to Surf

Surfing Down Under Our Top Australian Beaches to Surf

When thinking of sunshine and beautiful beaches, you cannot look past the Land Down Under. Australia is known for its sizzling hot weather and riding waves, making it perfect for surfing. The thing is, though, there are so many beaches to choose from! We can’t necessarily rule out any, so we have decided on some of our favourites we think you should try out instead.

Taking it back just a tad, surfing has been a craze in Australia as early as the 19th Century. Now, there are between 2.5 and 3.5 million active surfers in the country alone, with one in three being women. Ultimately, it has quickly become a way of life among Aussies wherever you go there. Corporate giants such as Quiksilver, Billabong and Rip Curl have been founded in Australia thanks to the extreme popularity of surfing.

Whether you’re a newbie or pro, these beaches should be on the top of your Australian surfing bucket list:

Bondi Beach

Perhaps the most well-recognised name on our list, Bondi Beach is an essential location you have to visit irrespective of surfing. Located in Sydney, this beautiful area of the world is home to picture-perfect sand and curling waves just begging to be surfed on! And, what’s great is that there are lots of lessons you can take while there. A complete beginner can learn plenty.

While you’re gliding across the waves with ease and having fun, you should be able to see some of the wildlife just off in the distance. Dolphins tend to enjoy riding them just as much as you or we would! This is such a popular and happy place, with a great atmosphere in the hotter months—a must for any surfer out there.

If you want to know a little more about what Bondi Beach is all about, check out episodes from one of our favourite TV shows on YouTube, Bondi Rescue!

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Noosa Heads

Over in Queensland, North-Eastern, Australia, you will find Noosa Heads – a hotspot that many surfers should be familiar with or aware of, thanks to its links to the 60s. The Main Beach is better for beginners as there are more gentle waves, while more experienced surfers can head to Tea Tree, a little steeper. Either way, this is a surfer’s paradise!

The Coral Sea cyclone season is between February and May – your best bet for surfing here as the east and southeast winds are most active. Although, other times of the year are also good.

The Noosa Festival of Surfing also takes place annually in March. Last year’s surfing event crowned 20 champions!

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Byron Bay

Then we have Byron Bay in New South Wales, a beachside town welcoming surfers of any kind to come and test its waters. Perhaps the best surfing area you’ll find here is The Pass. The Pass is excellent for novices, the long-ride wave providing enough drops to keep every surfer happy. 

Other than that, you can go to Belongil, Broken Head, Clarkes, Main Beach, Suffolk, Tallows, The Wreck, Wategos and Little Wategos. Each spot has something unique about it and can be great for all levels of surfers. There are so many that you may even be spoilt for choice! Either way, if you are up in New South Wales any time soon, then be sure to check all these out.

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Snapper Rocks

Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Snapper Rocks is a point break that forms the first part of the Superbank – one of the longest wave rides in the world. For experienced surfers out there, this is a great challenge to conquer as Snapper Rocks takes you all the way to Kirra 1.22 miles away on certain special days. That does mean these waters are highly crowded, though.

The start of the world championship tour, WSL Quiksilver Pro, is held here annually. This event is a surfing dream for spectators and surfers alike! Although it was cancelled last year due to Covid, the coming years should be more popular than ever. There are a number of hotels, apartments, holiday homes, and pet-friendly caravan parks to accommodate you during your visit.

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Bells Beach

Last but not least, you can take a trip to Torquay in Victoria, where the Rip Curl Pro surfing event is held every Easter. This surfing area has been a staple in Australia since the 1960s, and nearby spots such as Boobs, Centreside, Rincon, Southside, Winki Pop and Steps are found.

Bells Beach attracts some of the world’s best professionals and is surrounded by rock cliffs that can be used as vantage points for watching others take to the waves. But, of course, you can go ahead and enrol with local surf schools to have a go yourself too. There are plenty of waves to ride during any season, no matter the tide or wind direction. Be sure to bring a wetsuit, though!

So there you have it – our most favourite surfing beaches in Australia! Tag @watersports.guru in your Instagram photos if you’re lucky enough to visit any of these excellent Australian surf spots.

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