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Our Top 10 Beaches For Surfing

Surfer tail flicking at the top of a wave. - Our Top 10 Beaches For Surfing

Not too long back, we looked at Our Top Australian Beaches to Surf, highlighting our favourite spots to catch some waves and continue the fun onshore. So, that got us thinking: ‘What about the rest of the world?’ There are so many more great beaches to explore!

Although Australia is one of the best surfing locations due to its amazingly vibrant beaches and thriving surf community, there are many other surfing spots to consider. It was hard enough attempting to whittle it down to 10, but we have settled nonetheless.

So, in no particular order, we have picked Our Top 10 Beaches For Surfing:

Mavericks, California

As one of the most feared surf breaks on the planet, Mavericks is a wave that many surfers dare to even think about riding. But, if you’re brave and skilled enough, then we salute you! With fast and powerful right-hand waves most days, this stretch of water is a challenge for even the best surfers. Pressure is said to make diamonds, but is that true when it comes to surfing on these shark-infested waters? We think perhaps not! But the spectacle is a sight to behold, with some waves offering a 15 to 30 range!

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Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Mostly noted for producing the best right-hand surf break in the world, Jeffreys Bay is a brilliant place for surfers to be. The locals are laid back, and the waves test even the best of us, so it’s a perfect breeding ground for the best surfers around the world. As for food and sleep, despite having a small-town vibe, there are many great hospitality options. And, why wouldn’t you want to kick back and relax on a picturesque beach by night, after shredding up some waves by day?

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Ericeira, Portugal

Based in the sunny west of Portugal, Ericeira has often been compared to Australia’s Gold Coast thanks to its immaculate waves and golden sands. The weather here is lovely all year round, so you’ll be certain to enjoy a surf whenever you want really. So be sure to check it out between September and May for the best waves you can imagine! As Portugal’s surf capital, surfers outnumber beach-goers here, so onshore, you can enjoy a lively surf community only a short drive from Lisbon.

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Hossegor, France

The fast, hollow waves of France’s Hossegor are fantastic to surf on; the beach is beautiful while the water is warm, and the sandbanks regularly kick up two-metre turquoise barrels! Look to tick this one off your bucket list. Although it may not be one of the warmest countries to practice in, France has the most amazing restaurants instead! It is no wonder this each is firmly on the competition map. And, if you time it right, you can enjoy the challenging waves away from the tourists and the pros!

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Cloud Nine, Philippines

Toted by many surfers as a remarkable and stunning experience, Cloud Nine in the Philippines will provide you with a thick and hollow left/right-hander ride. And, when you’re finished, enjoy the many bars and restaurants that are situated nearby. If you’re a relatively new beginner, then bring some protective gear just in case you get wiped out when surfing. Located on the island of Siargao, this is a popular spot to test your skills as you won’t need boat support. And, if it’s too flat on the day you arrive, there are a number of other breaks you can try until the conditions change. You could even try your hand at scuba diving! 

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Praia da Pipa, Brazil

Located about 3.7 miles south of Tibau do Sul’s small fishing town, Pipa is a gorgeous looking beach surrounded by amazing restaurants, bars, and accommodation options. You’ll experience ideal weather conditions for surfing and bodyboarding throughout the entire year, but it is recommended to travel between December and March for the best conditions. If you stray onto Praia da Curral, it is likely to get lucky as it is common to surf amongst dolphins! And, what’s more, whenever you go, you can enjoy water temperatures of 28 degrees. It’s a win-win at Praia da Pipa!

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Pipeline, Hawaii

The legendary Banzai Pipeline is a host to The Billabong Pipeline Masters and Vans Triple Crown of Surfing tournaments – two of the world’s most popular surfing contests. Many surfers may never reach the heights that it takes to surf these waves, but it is a brilliant challenge if you’d like to give it a go! With these competitions pulling in the pros over the winter months, the spectacle alone is worth the visit. In the summer, the waves go flat, and the Pipeline lends itself to some incredible snorkelling. 

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Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Located in Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido is home to a number of famous surf spots such as Playa Zicatela, La Punta, Carrizalillo, and Playa Marinero. After having been discovered in the 1950s, the beach is now populated by surfers far and wide attempting to conquer its wild, wild waves. Puerto Escondido is famous for its laid back surfing community; however, out on the water is a different story. Described as the “home of one of the heaviest and dangerous waves in the world,” surfing here is not for the faint-hearted. So be sure to bring a few spare boards, because you’ll need them!

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Kuta, Indonesia

Next, we have Kuta – the most famous of all of Bali’s beaches. Tourism in Bali rose dramatically after the surfing community discovered Kuta beach. Waves here break all the way down the 1.2 mile stretch of golden sands. When you arrive, you’ll most likely find a nice spot to yourself, thanks to the amount of space it affords. Whether you’re a surfing pro or a newbie, there’s a great variety of waves to enjoy. Most commonly, you’ll find soft waist to knee-high runners, the perfect conditions for those looking to improve their surfing game.

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Superbank, Australia

And, finally, we couldn’t help adding one Australian beach into the mix! Spanning from Snapper Rocks all the way to Kirra, Australia’s Superbank totals a huge 1.22 miles in length. On its best days, you’ll be able to travel the entire distance – that’s if you’re good enough to do so without being wiped out along the way! Although it’s technically not one beach, the Superbank is an experience like no other.

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So there you have it – our top 10 surfing beaches from across the world! Be sure to tag @watersports.guru in your Instagram photos if you’re visiting any of these excellent surf spots. And, if you have a watersports business of your own, join Watersports.Guru today. As the world’s largest watersports directory, we can get your business on the map! To benefit from an influx of new customers, add your business right here.