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Top 5 Locations For The Best Kayaking Experience in Australia

Top 5 Locations For The Best Kayaking Experience in Australia

Are you looking to take the scenic route for your next kayaking adventure? Look no further – we’ve got you covered! Selecting the right kayaking location for your trip can make or break its quality.

So whether you’re advanced and can kayak with your eyes closed, or a beginner merely seeking a self-directed adventure, we’ve picked out five incredible spots here in awe-aspiring Australia that will take your breath away. 

Katherine River, Northern Territories 

First up is Katherine River, a highly sought-after kayaking location burrowed within Nitmiluk National Park. If you’re someone who desires a more collective experience, Katherine River is the perfect spot. This area is quite heavily populated by tourists, especially during the daytime as the tours commence. However, if you’re looking for a more individual and tranquil experience, nothing is stopping you from venturing out later in the evening. The further you row from the starting point, which is Katherine George, the more peaceful and tourist-free your journey will be, and you’ll witness the most stunning scenery before you. It is worth noting that this part of Australia experiences very high temperatures, which can be a challenge for even the best kayakers, making this location more suitable for those at advanced levels. However, there is no need to fret as you can combat the heat by taking a swim in the gorgeous river. Just be sure to bring lots of H20!

Gippsland Lakes 

Made up of three interconnected lakes, this location is perfect for beginner kayakers. With its flat waters and lack of tidal effect, you’ll be perfectly calm as you meander through the marshes, dunes, and lagoons these lakes have to offer. Wellington, Victoria, and King are the three main lakes, but the shorelines are infinite. You could go for the day or make it an immersive experience and pack your tent. There are two national parks nearby where you can camp out and gaze at the stars. 

Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary 

Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is a must-see location based in South Australia. This hot spot will certainly make you feel connected to nature as it’s known to attract the Port River dolphins (it hasn’t got ‘dolphin sanctuary’ in the title for nothing!). Regardless of your kayaking expertise – or lack thereof – this is an excellent place for people of all abilities. If you’re looking for a tour, there are a few to choose from. However, if you’d rather go on a self-directed tour, you can easily venture from Garden Island Road Ramp through the historic mangrove forest and Ship’s Graveyard. This location is truly stunning and will transport you to another world.

Ngaro Sea Trail

If you’re looking for an action-packed adventure, look no further than The Ngaro Sea Trail. Located in Queensland, this trail will lead you through the breathtaking Whitsunday Islands. If you plan on doing this, make sure you are prepared to burn many calories from kayaking and hiking. Yes, you read that right – you will be required to hike as you travel through Hook, South Molle and Whitsunday Islands! There is the option to do a half-day of exploring, but it’s probably better to do it over several days so you can witness all the beauty this trail has to offer. This is more suitable for advanced kayakers who possess a lot of stamina. However, if you are a beginner to intermediate, don’t sweat it! There is the option to utilise guided tours that can be as short as a half-day or as long as six days. No matter the duration of your trip, these stunning islands will simply sweep you off your feet.

Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania 

The list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the beautiful island of Tasmania. The island state is known for its magical Kayaking locations, and the Freycinet Peninsula takes the cake! With its crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and rosy granite mountains, we couldn’t think of a more scenic route you could take.

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