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Widen Customer Horizons: Encourage More People To Try Watersports

Widen Customer Horizons Encourage More People To Try Watersports

Whether your customers are adrenaline junkies, adventurous old souls, water babies, or simply looking for a new hobby to explore, there are plenty of ways you can expand your customer base. When you imagine getting fit, most people automatically picture land-based activities and don’t even consider watersports. However, just as with land activities, watersports include an action-packed method of fun, with multiple disciplines to choose from. As well as helping customers to develop new skills and being an excellent opportunity to make new friends, each type of watersport has its own list of health benefits – both mental and physical. 

With health and fitness activities becoming ever more popular, it’s increasingly important not to overlook this key selling point. With a bit of thinking, you too can expand your client base into the health and fitness world!

This blog will break down the most common types of watersports, their health benefits, and how your customers can discover them through the enlivening feeling of being on the water. Why not promote these factors in your own advertising methods!


Firstly, surfing is like resistance and cardiovascular training all in one! Paddling out to the waves requires the strength of both arms and legs, pumping blood throughout the body. In addition, the paddle motion of pulling the water behind you forces the surfer to engage their back and shoulder muscles, strengthening them as a result.

Once standing on the surfboard, surfing requires the core, arms and legs to be engaged, working in unison to maintain stability and balance. This will tone you up in no time!

Water Skiing/Wakeboarding

This watersport will give any adrenaline junkie a run for their money. As water skiing involves skimming the surfaces of water while being towed, it is an excellent sport for building strength up in your arms. However, the rest of the body is not neglected. Both water skiing and wakeboarding offer a full-body workout requiring the core to be engaged, a focus on coordination, and flexibility to be improved. In addition, depending on weight and body composition, someone can burn up to 400 to 600 calories per hour

Whether your customers engage in these competitively or as a bit of fun on holiday, they will definitely have an exerting but exhilarating experience! As they are suitable watersports for all ages, even young children can have a go! 

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is serotonin central. Similar to the relaxing notion of watching fish meander through the water at an aquarium, being underwater can make one feel calm and pleasantly stimulated by the bright colours of the stunning sea creatures. Immersing yourself in such a tranquil environment has been proven to reduce feelings of depression while balancing out the central nervous system. What’s more, once underwater, the pressure gradient promotes blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and improves concentration. Exploring the underwater world can also make customers feel closer to nature, making it the perfect distraction from the chaos of daily life. Make sure you promote these benefits to entice more custom! 

Kite Surfing

Relying on the wind to increase your speed, kite surfing is an excellent watersport to strengthen your upper body and tone your arms. In addition to controlling a kite, your core and lower body focus on maintaining contact with the board. Whilst doing so, your balance, coordination and concentration are put through their paces while you enjoy the exhilaration of skimming across the water.

It is also great for the heart, as the sport combines resistance and aerobics exercises. Therefore, kite surfing is bound to keep your customers lean year-round.

White Water Rafting

Are your customers a lover of thrills and teamwork? Then, white water rafting will be right up their alley. Think corporate days out! Once they have a helmet and life jacket securely fastened, there’ll be all set to overcome the tumultuous waves coming their way. Adrenaline pumps through their veins as they float through scenic routes and plunge down mini waterfalls. The fresh air and water can be an exciting diversion from your everyday life.

White water rafting also has a great social aspect, requiring teamwork and communication for (pardon the pun) smooth sailing. Bonding customers can really help them cultivate meaningful relationships.

Physically, this watersport is an excellent way to get in their cardio and get the heart pumping. Rafting is a strenuous activity that requires paddling through rapid waves for long periods to maintain the raft’s correct navigation and stability. Altogether this can help to improve concentration, upper body strength and endurance. 

Each type of water sport has an array of benefits, but it all comes down to what works best for your customer. There is truly something for everyone regardless of age and ability level. Watersports can really aid them in feeling more connected to nature, allowing for an immersive form of exercise. Sure, they could lift weights at the gym and call it a day, but they won’t reap the benefits of exposure to pure fresh air. So whether they want to compete, improve their overall fitness or meet new friends, watersports will give you the tools for a healthier, happier and riveting life. It is essential you promote all these incredible benefits in an effort to widen your business’s customer base.